Operational Assessment, Executive Management, Funding Support and  Outsourced Development for Emerging  and Established Technology Companies

Technology companies experience new challenges at each phase in their growth.  Founders of new companies are required to play many roles, some of which they may not have performed before or have no interest in doing.  Emerging companies face the challenge of growing the organization rapidly while maintaining satisfied customers, controlling costs, conserving capital and maintaining focus.   Established companies face the challenge of establishing standards and controls where none existed before, becoming more relevant to customers, building a workforce whose performance is focused and measureable, and extending their solution offerings and services to maintain their market edge.

If your company is experiencing these challenges, Angel Resources can help.

Our range of services and established partnerships can help you leverage your strengths, build your market and grow your profits.  Our collaborative approach enables you to achieve results at a pace constistent with your ability to execute.

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